Hey Sparklers,

Here is a comprehensive list of all the products I used in the Mastery video for those who are interested. As you know, I am big on TECHNIQUE > PRODUCT so if you are interested in trying out a product I used but you don't necessarily need it right now, I always recommend finishing up what you have at home first, and using this as your Wish List Guide; you can always refer back to it later on too!

This list is exclusive to owners of this Mastery and is part of your purchase; all copyright infringement rules apply. 

Let's get to the goods baby!

1. I used this concealer on my eyelids as a primer.

2. I used this eyeshadow palette (mostly colors Kana, Yodit, Kufuru, and a bit of Jamata, with a bit of Shawata to smoke out and set the eyeliner on top and bottom.)

3. For the eyelid sparkle, I used this blush and highlight palette, first using the shade Glow Extreme and then the shade Diamond Powder. 

4. I used this eyeliner on top and bottom. 

5. I used this mascara

6. I used this powder for everything translucent powder related.

7. I used this brow product

8. I used this face primer

9. I used this foundation

10. I used the same concealer as in Step 1, but in a deeper tone better suited to my skin tone. 

11. I used this cream bronzer, then this powder bronzer.

12. I used this liquid blush, then this powder blush

13. I used this face highlight.

14. I used this lipliner and longlasting lipstick.

15. I used this setting spray.

That's it my loves!

I hope this was helpful and I can't wait to see you in the next Mastery!