Hey Sparklers,

Here is a comprehensive list of all the products I used in the Mastery video for those who are interested. As you know, I am big on TECHNIQUE > PRODUCT so if you are interested in trying out a product I used but you don't necessarily need it right now, I always recommend finishing up what you have at home first, and using this as your Wish List Guide; you can always refer back to it later on too!

This list is exclusive to owners of this Mastery and is part of your purchase; all copyright infringement rules apply. 

Let's get to the goods baby!

1. I used this SPF.

2.  I applied this oil/primer as my primer.

3. I used this concealer on my eyes as an eye primer and as my normal concealer later on in the Mastery. 

4. I unknowingly used a discontinued cream eyeshadow stick as eyeliner and outer shadow color, but I linked one that I use and love as well from the same brand. Just make sure there is a smudger on the other end. If you are not looking to purchase eyeliner now, no problem - a Q-tip works too!

5. I used this liquid eyeshadow in Moonstone.

6. I used this traditional powder eyeshadow on top in the shade Ironic. 

7. I used this mascara.

8. I used this nude eyeliner underneath inside my lower lash line, but I love this one too.

9. I used this eyebrow pencil. If you want one with a spoolie on the other end I love this one.

10. I used this foundation.

11. I used this concealer in shade GC987 Beautiful Bronze as my liquid bronzer.

12. I used this cream highlight in shade Champagne Flash.

10. I used this brow product. It's strong and has a lot of fibers and pigment so it really makes the brows thicker. 

11. I showed NYX Cosmetics Illuminating Sticks in two shades that I was using for my blush as well as to create my inner reverse ombre lip, but I ended up using the brighter shade. It was shade Rose Petal Pop (the lighter shade was Pinkie Dust if you're interested.) I can't find them anywhere online except at a higher price than normal, so they may have been discontinued. I recommend trying this one in the shade Strawberry Drip instead; I have this product in a different shade and it's a gorgeous skin-friendly formula. Use your fingers to tap into the lips where I show you in the Mastery.

12. I used this translucent powder.

13. I used this powder highlight in shade Soft & Gentle.

14. I used this lipliner in shade Peekaboo Neutral.

15. I used this long-lasting lipstick in shade #910.

16. I used this setting spray.

17. I used this eyelash curler.

18. I used this Beauty Blender. I also recommend this one, this one, and this one. Don't be tempted by the super cheap ones you see at checkout in Marshall's or T.J. Maxx, they will not give you the same results. It's not worth it. There is a variety of price ranges amongst the ones I love and use that I have linked for you!

That's it my loves!

I hope this was helpful and I can't wait to see you in the next Mastery!