Hey Sparklers,

Here is a comprehensive list of all the products I used in the Mastery video for those who are interested. As you know, I am big on TECHNIQUE > PRODUCT so if you are interested in trying out a product I used but you don't necessarily need it right now, I always recommend finishing up what you have at home first, and using this as your Wish List Guide; you can always refer back to it later on too!

This list is exclusive to owners of this Mastery and is part of your purchase; all copyright infringement rules apply. 

Let's get to the goods baby!

1. I mixed this moisturizer with this face glow. You may apply each step separately if you prefer. 

2.  I applied this eye cream lightly under my eyes, then this lip balm and added a bit of this oil to the extra dry patches on my skin. 

3. I used this concealer on my eyes as an eye primer. 

4. I used this eyeshadow palette on my eyes (Aya under the brow bone, Stone all over the lid and underneath) with this bronzer in the crease, and a matte black eyeshadow from a random palette, any that you have will do.

5. I used this mascara for my top lashes and this mascara for my bottom lashes. 

6. I used this nude eyeliner for my lower waterline. It's intense and lasts. 

7. I mix a 10% of this full coverage foundation with 90% of this sheer foundation.

8. I used this concealer under my eyes.  

9. I used this blush

10. Any area of the face or undereye that I set, was done with this powder

11. I used this cream bronzer and set it with this powder in a bronzer shade for my skin tone. Powder foundation has more coverage and a smoother finish than bronzer. 

12. I used this liquid highlight, and built it up with first this more gentle powder highlight and then this very intense powder highlight. For a natural to buildable more glowy highlight, you can just get the liquid one. If you want to set it to look naturally soft and glowy, go with the first powder product I used and linked. Only add in the last powder product I used and linked if you want that high glasslike effect like you see me get to in the video. Keep in mind that I use this product as eyeshadow often instead or as well, it's the perfect shade for that purpose too.

10. I used this brow product. It's strong and has a lot of fibers and pigment so it really makes the brows appear thicker. 

11. For my lips, I applied some of the blush with a pinker lip liner - any brighter lip liner you have and like will work, just blend it out with your finger so it's not very defined, and layered on this gloss.

12. I set my face with this setting spray

That's it my loves!

I hope this was helpful and I can't wait to see you in the next Mastery!